Dana K. Richard

Accomplished Business, Technology and
E-Commerce Leadership

Director of ECommerce
Member of executive team reporting to the CEO

East View Companies

Minnetonka, MN
2009 - 2013

Overview: Premier developer, publisher and supplier of Far East books, databases and journals, global mapping, GIS data and satellite imagery                            Primary Markets: Military / Intelligence, Engineering, Resource Exploration, Libraries / Academics


All e-commerce P & L, Design, Development, Marketing, Usability, Analytics

  • 7 e-commerce and lead generation websites
    • International Books, journals, periodicals
    • Global GIS / Mapping
    • International online databases
    • International publishing


  • 7 e-commerce and lead generation websites

    Drove exponential growth in E-commerce revenue

    • Improved Revenue 50% in 1.5 years
    • Improved Conversion Rate 84% in same timeframe
    • Improved order volume 74% in same timeframe
    • Reduced average visits to purchase from 6.45 to 2.73


    New Online Platforms Development and Launch


    Led design, development and launch of B2B / B2C international geospatial ecommerce platform

    • Hired necessary staff
    • Designed and built supporting infrastructure
    • Integrated ArcGIS Server with ASP.NET shopping cart underneath DotNetNuke CMS platform with localization

    Led design, development and launch of B2B / B2C international databases, books and journals ecommerce platform

    • Remotely led development effort in Russia
    • ASP.NET MVC platform underneath Orchard CMS 
    • Included support for MARC records (library cataloging system)

    Designed, developed and launched limited budget / short time frame B2C ecommerce platform

    • Built on ASP.NET DotNetNuke platform with all off-the-shelf modules and shopping cart
    • Design to production time was 1 month