Dana K. Richard

Accomplished Business, Technology and
E-Commerce Leadership

About Me...

As an accomplished business, technology and e-commerce professional, my talents lie in my ability to innovatively integrate technology, business and fiscal discipline to drive accelerated and continued bottom line growth with superior customer satisfaction and retention. In this light, I provide extensive knowledge, experience, and innovation in business and technology leadership, business turnarounds, internet/e-commerce, strategic planning/execution, direct and influence management, international business, and customer relations and support.

Throughout the 1990’s I led the consolidation of literally hundreds of data centers around the world into channel-extended “mega-centers”. This was very prevalent with data center consolidation and required in-depth knowledge of all network, mainframe, open-systems and database technologies including LAN/SAN/WAN technologies (Ethernet, T1, OC-3, OC-12, etc…), channel technologies (SCSI, ESCON, FICON, Fibre Channel), and integrated network and channel technologies such as Fibre Channel over IP and, conversely, IP over Fibre Channel. Knowing the technology was not enough. Being able to design and configure the logical layout of hundreds of channels and network connections with thousands of devices and users was critical, and understanding the impact on customer business was paramount.
In the late 1990’s I was one of a small team of 6 from CNT, EMC and MCI that developed the world’s first “storage over IP” technology, which was essentially database storage over the internet on a massive scale. I defined the core functional criteria, and later the standards, that drives this technology today. Once proved, I led all designs (and redesigns) as well as all implementations for several hundred networks worldwide. These networks were primarily for financial institution’s global enterprise systems, internet banking, and disaster recovery, and included institutions and businesses such as Morgan Stanley, Chase, Bank of New York, Barclay’s, State Farm Insurance, and Wells Fargo, to name a few. In every single case the requirement was for absolutely no delay (which included overcoming inherent distance latency) in all data transfers, where distances were anywhere from across town to across the world, the latter being the most prevalent. US and World Bank banking regulations dictated perfection and banking solvency demanded it. Since this technology was new but needed to be implemented into existing customer infrastructures, I designed, developed and built a portable systems analysis suite which fully tested customer infrastructures to insure they could support the technology as well as to identify problems in advance of implementation. This test suite reduced the implementation time by a full 3 weeks on average based on hundreds of implementations. All implementations required the utmost security, reliability, and redundancy, and had to meet or be tested and retrofitted to meet SOX regulations, both in its strictness and vagueness at times.
I then moved on to developing, building and patenting the ability to monitor, manage, and proactively identify and predict degradation and failures in these same systems, and others, which I turned into a $9M hosted network monitoring service in 1.5 years.
Subsequent to this I successfully helped launch a startup retail e-commerce business called Specialty Village, Inc., which currently does business through its flagship website www.arttowngifts.com.  While I am no longer part of this venture, I do maintain an emotional connection through a strong sense of accomplishment.
In December, 2005 I accepted a position as Director of Operations with East View Cartographic, Inc. As a subsidiary of East View Information Services, it focuses on source-to-solution procurement, development, production, and sales of global GIS data, satellelite imagery, and cartographic products, primarily to the military/intelligence, resource exploration, telecommunications, and academic markets. In this position I was responsible for all profit and loss of e-commerce sales and customer service, global procurement and copyright negotiations and agreements, order fulfillment, and CRM systems. As such, I was directly responsible for a collection of over 25 Tera Bytes of electronic maps and images, 200,000 paper maps, and tracking 1.5 million more products through our database. As well, I was responsible for the delivery of products to our customers physically and electronically. Further, I was responsible for the development and operations of the e-commerce platform and website itself, the product database, and the purchasing of all products worldwide. This included the development, integration and support of front- and  back-end applications including CRM and ERP. Lastly, I was responsible for negotiation, management and SLA’s of vendor and government agency agreements including technology vendors, product suppliers, transportation and shipping, and government mapping agencies. In this light I successfully opened procurement offices in Amman, Jordan, Nairobi, Kenya, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Recife, Brazil, through which I successfully negotiated and signed VAR and copyright agreements with the governments if Kyrghystan, Jordan, Denmark (Faroe Islands), Ukraine, Fiji, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, and Madagascar as well as an exclusive VAR and copyright agreement with the country of Bangladesh.

In February of 2009 I was offerred a promotion to the parent company, East View Information Services, as Director of e-commerce, the position I hold today.  In this position I am responsible for profit and loss, online marketing (including SEM and SEO) and platform development of all e-commerce across all East View companies. This includes global sales of online databases, books, journals, and articles as well as GIS data, satellite imagery, maps, atlases, and national standards through 7 websites. To date I have driven increased revenue in excess of 50%.
In each of the previously mentioned cases I have effectively built development, operations and support management and staff of up to 120 personnel. I have also managed in excess of $5M budgets, averaging 23% under budget while growing organizational capabilities, efficiencies, and revenue.
Some of my accomplishments include:
  • Designed, built, staffed, and brought to process-based operational status a multi-continent tier 1 ISP
  • Led analysis and re-design of e-commerce website layout and navigation, resulting in +200% increase in revenue in less than 12 months
  • Improved efficiencies by 35% in customer order processing and fulfillment by redesigning, automating and integrating end-to-end customer order and fulfillment workflows
  • Awarded patent # 6,931,357 - “Services/Network Testing: Computer Network Monitoring with Test Data Analysis”

In summary, I offer motivated, motivating and decisive leadership, getting the most out of others while instilling a sense of unity, pride and ownership. Further, I bring continued long term success through exceptional vision, creative exploration of additional efficiencies and revenue streams, and integrated approaches to strategic planning.