Dana K. Richard

Accomplished Business, Technology and
E-Commerce Leadership

 Career Highlights
  Global E-Commerce
Global E-Commerce  
  • Drove exponential growth in E-commerce revenue
    • Improved Revenue 50% in 1.5 years
    • Improved Conversion Rate 84% in same timeframe
    • Improved order volume 74% in same timeframe
    • Reduced average visits to purchase from 6.45 to 2.73
  • Successfully led the design, development. launch and operations of global B2B/B2C integrated GIS e-commerce platform
  • Successfully led the design, development and launch of B2B / B2C international databases, books and journals ecommerce platform

  • Grew b2b/ b2c Internatioal E-Commerce by 50%
Global Network Management
Global Network Management

  • Successfully rebuilt and led to profitability global Network Management Service
    • Drove revenue from $200k to $3m in 2 years
    • Led sales, marketing, development, support, operations, and training
    • Designed and built redundant data centers in U.S. and Europe
  • Successfully created and launched Network Assessment Service
    • Drove $350K revenue in its first year with 83% gross margins

  •  Grew Network Management Services revenue by 35%
Global Technical Support
Mission-Critical Technical Support

  • Drove customer support customer satisfaction rating from 3.5 to 4.6 on a scale of 1-5
    • Worked directly with development engineering on design and development of new products with focus on supportability and customer acceptance
    • Developed and implemented new product support training and certification program worldwide
    • Drove 19% efficiencies in call handling processes through CRM process analysis, refinement and automation 
    • Dramatically improved first call resolution rate from 43% to 77%

    • Reduced customer downtime by 54 minutes

    Successful Leadership
    Results-proven leader with extensive staff and management experience in global mission critical business, technology, and services. Repeatedly successful driving double-digit revenue growth, efficiencies and customer satisfaction, on time and within budget. Equally successful building and growing organizations while maximizing staff retention.


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    • Carlson School of Management
    • Cisco Corporation

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